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Meet Haviva

Haviva Davids Diena speech therapist toronto

Hi There! I’m Haviva Davids Diena. I am a certified speech-language pathologist, dedicated to helping children be the best communicators they can be. I believe that communicating is the most important skill we can learn, and I am deeply grateful that I can be a part of that process.


Through my private practice, I offer assessment, treatment, and consultation to children, and I facilitate workshops for parents and teachers.


The success of speech therapy starts with building a strong client-therapist relationship. Having had some of my own children in speech therapy, I know first-hand what it takes.


I ensure children feel comfortable during our sessions, using toys, games, and books to accomplish our learning goals. This informal approach encourages children to put in the effort that is required to improve their skills. In fact, parents have reported that their children love coming to “play.”

Parents appreciate my patience, ability to keep their kids on track during our sessions, and the realistic homework strategies I establish, that fit into their busy lives. Practice at home is key to the success of speech therapy, and requires commitment from children, as well as their parents.


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and five kids, reading, baking, or just chatting.  Oh... and testing out different therapy techniques on them, much to their amusement.

I look forward to meeting you!

Click here to read about my philosophy. 

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