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As a speech therapist, I offer the following services to children and their parents. While we usually meet in my clinic, home, daycare, or school visits are also available.

 Areas of Practice 

Language delay/disorders

Difficulty with grammar, vocabulary, sentence length, and following instructions - both in understanding and expressing thoughts.


Speech sounds/motor speech disorders

Difficulty with pronunciation, or with use of the jaw, lips, or tongue to support speech, chewing, or swallowing.

Socio-communication delay/disorders

Difficulty with social communication, including (but not limited to): eye contact, use and understanding of verbal and non-verbal interaction, manners, social conventions, and personal space.



Difficulty with repetitions (“I – I – I – I –I want some…”), prolongations (“Ssssssssso I saw….”, ), or blockages in fluent speaking (when intended words gets ‘stuck’ in the throat).





  • Gathering information from parents, teachers, and other professionals

  • Testing, both formal and informal

  • Observing interactions

  • Establishing individualized therapy goals 

  • Practicing the needed skill(s), using games, toys and books

  • Personalizing a homework plan

  • Gathering information from other adults involved in the therapy process

  • Sharing information with other professionals, to enable follow-up 
    in their setting

  • Offering suggestions to others involved in the client's care


Parents and teachers are invited to explore topics such as: “What can I expect at this age,” “When should I refer a child,” or best practices for a variety of challenges, such as social skills in the classroom, how to react when a child is stuttering, and what can parents/teachers do, to help build language skills.

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