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Q & A

All services are tailored to meet each client’s needs.  Services are provided in clinic, but home, daycare, or school visits are available.
Services include:


  • formal and informal testing

  • observation

  • rating scales

  • information-gathering from parent, teacher and other professionals

  • checklists



  • individual therapy

  • using a variety of materials

  • games

  • toys

  • techniques

  • practice the needed skill(s)

  • sharing information about the client with others working with them

  • give information to other professionals to follow up with in their setting

  • provide suggestions to others involved in the clients care


These are available for parents and teachers on a variety of topics, including “What can I expect at this age?”, “When to refer”, or best practices for a variety of difficulties e.g. social skills in the classroom, how to react to a child who is stuttering, and what can I do at home to help build language skills.

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